The Last Jedi has stormed theaters and made it the third straight holiday season with a Star Wars film. In 2018 we will have another, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story which will be the story of a young Han Solo and a young Lando Calrissian. Disney appears to be diving more and more into the archives to create films about some of the characters we love. So we ask, what characters do we think would make a great solo movie?


So for me, I am not excited about the Han Solo movie, I feel there is no need, I don’t want to see someone trying to imitate Harrison Ford and not sure there is any new ground to break. I feel the same way about Obi-Wan, Yoda, Luke, Leia, and slightly less about Vader(I love Vader, I won’t apologize) but there are some lesser characters that could exist in the Star Wars universe that would be cool or at least fun. My selections definitely expand the universe quite a bit but open up a ton of possibilities.



The scene in Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader offers compensation to a gallery of bounty hunters to find Han Solo is awesome, it was always a favorite scene of mine. I am not the only one, a friend in my fantasy football league literally has a team named The Bounty Hunters and it is not about Dog and his team. Conventional wisdom would say make a Boba Fett or a Bossk movie but Fett is too popular and they ruined his backstory in Attack of the Clones and Bossk would be very hard logistically, either a bad costume or bad CGI. But I want a bounty hunter film so the most logical one from that group is Dengar. He comes from Han Solo’s home planet of Coreilla and has a bad disposition. He made his mark during the days of the Clone Wars. With Dengar you have some options, despite his quick appearance in Empire he has some canon and some legacy backstories. You could create a story about Dengar pre-Empire, he ties to the Clone Wars or you could also make a post-Jedi adventure too. My advice would be to do a completely new story, something very dark, the world of space bounty hunters, maybe R-rated, maybe cameos from some of the other bounty hunters, would love to see IG-88 or Zuckess show up. It could be another heist film more The Usual Suspects than Ocean’s 11. I don’t want to see any of the known Rebel or Empire characters, I want to see the dark underbelly of this world and a cameo of the Return of the Jedi version of Jabba the Hutt wouldn’t be unwelcome.

MG: I can definitely see a darker film based on a bounty hunter like Dengar, though I doubt Disney would ever let it get to an R-rating. Still, something with the vibe of The Punisher seems like it would work. He does have all those head bandages and a damaged face – wouldn’t he want to get some revenge? 

Mara Jade

This is my favorite pick of the three. Mara Jade was a Jedi master as well as the Emperor’s Hand and she has also been completely wiped out of Star Wars canon. She was always an Expanded Universe character and there are no plans to bring her back. So it’s the perfect character to bring back. In the books once turning to the light side she marries Luke Skywalker. The first thing I do is wipe out just about all of her backstory including the Jedi wedding. I would do her complete origin and maybe keep the Emperor’s Hand backstory along with some kind of redemptive arc. Disney has made two Star Wars films now with women as the lead and with the current climate, let’s do another one. Seeing the Emperor employ this strong bad ass female would be awesome. To see the female character being dark would be different, a killer assassin who would die for the Emperor. So how does she get redeemed? I don’t know I don’t write movie scripts but it can’t be love for a man and I would prefer very few known Star Wars characters to appear. The Emperor probably needs to appear and maybe Vader. The other option is to use the character only and just do a completely different story not connected to the first trilogy timeline. Similiar to my Dengar proposal I want this to be dark. Mara Jade is a great character, she was really the first female Star Wars character to be a villain and she is extremely popular in the community. When word broke General Thawn would be coming into canon, fans were hoping Jade as well. I even have the actress picked out, Karen Gillan from the new Jumanji movie would be perfect.

MG: I’m all for another female-led SW film, and I could see a lot being done with this character. Lucas did such a horrible job showing Anakin’s break in faith from the Jedi way to the path of evil, it would be good to see a convincing story of someone who loses faith in the dark side and goes the other way. 

Boss Nass


I am not going to lie, I hate The Phantom Menace and every last damn Gungan, especially Jar Jar Binks but hear me out on this one. There are a lot of Prequel-Truthers, as I call them, that love them some Jar Jar Binks. I would never greenlight a Binks movie but what about maybe a different Gungan, one with more authority, a powerful Gungan leader with an unknown backstory? Boss Rugor Nass could be the Gungan solo film we are looking for. His biggest strength is that he literally kicked Jar Jar out of “Gungan City”. Like me, he hates Jar Jar. It could be a prequel, what was Boss Nass like before becoming Boss or maybe a sequel what did he do after helping Queen Amidala save Naboo? In Phantom Menace, he is portrayed as a bully that eventually decides to join forces with the other Naboo people. Does he have a love life maybe some tragic love life with an above ground Naboo girl? What about this great underwater city he rules? This film would seem ripe to push CGI to the next Lucas level of Hell. His Legacy biography actually lists him as the strongest of his tadpole group so I feel an origin story could be the way to go. I need to know how he got that way of speaking and shaking his head and spitting all over the place like the dog in Turner and Hooch. Maybe it could be a buddy pic where he and Captain Tarpals, before government work, of course, were underwater cops fighting the “big fish”, like kind of an amphibious Lethal Weapon. To become Boss he must have had some great adventures and how did he lose the throne? The Gungans have not been explored enough and it’s about time we get to these proud creatures. I even have the title picked out: Who’s the Boss – A Star Wars Story.

MG: Wow. Maybe he got to be boss by ascending the underwater rapping circles – he does love to spit it right? He seems to be wearing some gansta’ bling, so I’d go down that story path. Would Tony Danza have a cameo in this one? Nass could rap a climactic tune with a sample from Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” and the chorus would be “Hold me closer Tony Danza”. 

Mike G.

As a huge SW fan, I’ve crafted many a Star Wars story in my head since I was a kid – although none were very good. When I heard Disney was buying Lucasfilm I had hopes that the SW universe would finally be deepened on the big screen – hopes that have yet to be realized. I like The Force Awakens, but it was almost a reboot of A New Hope, and Rogue One, while also entertaining, didn’t blaze any new paths. Even the ships and vehicles have been ones we’ve seen before, or just different versions. Again, walkers are in The Last Jedi – are there no new ideas for big war machines? But I digress – here are my 3 thoughts on stand-alone films.


hk 47

I want to see a droids movie, and I’m not talking about a feature film version of the 1985 cartoon. One of the things I always enjoyed about A New Hope was that much of the first 40 minutes or so is essentially from the perspective of the two droids.  What about doing an entire film like this? I’d also love to have the film set in the times of the Old Republic. We start out focused on an “R” droid we haven’t seen before (maybe an R3 droid- call him R3-K5) working in the infamous Spice Mines of Kessel in terrible conditions. This is long before the Empire, so the mine is run by ruthless slavers and thugs who brutalize droids, aliens and human captives alike. Then there’s a droid uprising, maybe led by HK-47, the assassin droid from Knights of the Old Republic game. R3 gets caught up in the prison break, and they escape on a huge transport ship loaded with valuable Spice. The ship is pursued by the prison thugs, gets damaged, and crash lands on a mysterious planet. The prison thugs refuse to go down to the planet surface, and we don’t know why. You could do something like an Aliens-style film where the droids have to evade/battle some monsters. A group of pirates later land on the planet in an attempt to recover the spice shipment, and maybe a bounty hunter or two as well. Not sure where it goes from there, but the droids work together to survive all these threats and get out of a lot of tight spots. Maybe the droids end up saving the pirates and/or bounty hunters, and they in-turn help them escape the planet and avoid being re-captured. There might be sections of the film where there is no dialogue, other than droid beeps and whistles, like Wall-E. Also, like Wall-E, I’d love to see the droid characters developed so much that it would be truly moving when one of them sacrifices themselves for the rest of the group.

DJ: I liked C-3PO and R2-D2 enough and BB-8 is ok but its because they are used in small amounts. I get that New Hope used the droids as a Hidden Fortress like lens to tell the story but Lucas went away from that pretty quickly in Empire. The prequels had enough terrible droids to just turn me off to droids, sorry.

Mon Mothma


I would love to have a Star Wars film make me cry – not some moist eyes – real, full-on tears. So maybe a SW version of a film like Braveheart might do the trick, and one with a solid love story. One of the things that is still missing from the SW universe is a good tale about the seeds of the rebellion against the Empire. We got a little more in Rogue One, but I’d like to see the focus on one planet/civilization who experiences the persecution of the Empire and fights back, before there is an organized Rebel Alliance. The Mon Mothma character seems haunted in Jedi, more than just because many Bothans died, so maybe go back to when she was young and idealistic. She’s trying to advocate for her planet in the Imperial Senate, but having little success. Meanwhile, she falls in love with another idealist, one who prefers a violent uprising over her political maneuvering. This would be a new character that we haven’t seen before – and perhaps this love could be another woman. I know it’s Disney, but after almost 10 films let’s embrace some diversity. The relationship on screen can be just as chaste as what we saw with Han & Leia, but still very powerful if portrayed the right way. So in this story, Mon Mothma’s partner is labeled a terrorist, along with other associates that are fighting back against the Empire. In response to acts of uprising, a young, ambitious Imperial Governor declares martial law and implements a brutal crack-down on the city or countryside where these people live. Mon Mothma keeps pleading with her partner to stop the violence, but her partner’s resolve to fight only deepens as more innocent civilians get killed and the battles get larger. In the end, the partner surrenders to the Empire, as part of a deal to end the violence. But the Imperial Governor reneges on the deal, choosing to publicly torture and murder her, assuming this will make the populace too afraid to fight back any further. Instead, this shocks and angers the people and has the opposite effect by turning, even more, people against the Empire, with the news of the murder even reaching other planets.  Devastated by her loss, Mon Mothma resigns from the Senate and dedicates the rest of her life to fighting the Empire. The closing scene features the first gathering of the leaders of the new Rebel Alliance.

DJ: Not against this one, a drama Star Wars film as opposed to maybe an action packed one could be interesting. Some political intrigue? As long as Nute Gunray is not involved. There definitely could be stuff explored pre rebellion.

Dr. Evazan and the Imperial Death Panels


The Empire has imposed a galactic health plan where medical care is rationed – and give priority to those most loyal to the Emperor. We follow four different characters in four storylines where each character has been denied life-saving treatment. In desperation, they all turn to the notorious Dr. Evazan as a last resort, and the results are not good. In one story, when Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes unknowingly play at a wedding of Rebel sympathizers, regional governor Wolf Yularen revokes the band’s health insurance. A few weeks later, D’an collapses and it turns out he’s come down with terminal Bith Shuffle disease. He tries everywhere to get treated, but no doctors or hospitals will see him without his Palpatinecare card. When he tracks down the shady Dr. Evazan, he agrees to do the life-saving surgery, for a hefty price. With no money, Evazan suggests that  D’an attempt to pull off a risky heist at a Hutt-owned Mos Eiseley bank. With no other options, D’an assembles a group of criminal misfits – Talz – an explosives expert, Shistavian Wolfman – the getaway driver, Snaggletooth – the tech nerd/hacker, and the Tonnika Sisters – the inside women (they already work at the bank). In one of the other storylines, we have seen that the Tonnika Sisters used to be triplets, but a bad surgery by Evazan killed one of the sisters, so the other two agree to be part of the heist, secretly as a way of finding Evazan afterward and killing him. Maybe Dengar, with all his bandages, is another Evazan victim and he’s hired by the Hutts to track down D’an and his gang after the heist, but when he learns about their plight he helps them escape and get revenge. The fourth Evazan victim could be a lesser-known Rebel, who meets up with this group along the way. He eventually helps them settle the debts with the Hutts, get the medical treatment they need, and capture and imprison Evazan.

DJ: You really thought out these stories. I like bringing back the Cantina band(literally and literally). Kind of a Tales from the Cantina which I love.