With the advent of streaming services, there is so much TV to watch and trying to determine what’s good and what we should give up on is an ongoing decision. I mean do we continue watching Lost thinking the creators know where it’s going or should we cut bait? Sometimes we leave shows because they “jump the shark”, sometimes because we don’t like the show anymore or just out of pure laziness. Here are our lists of shows we left before the end…


I may have left some good shows early but hung on way too long on others. I don’t know why I watched all of The Following and Heroes or why I am still hanging on with Gotham and Hawaii Five-0. I need to walk out of the theater earlier if you know what I mean. Here are some I was able to pull the trigger on.

  1. The X-Files (Fox): When David Duchovny was out so was I, Robert Patrick did not do it for me and the mythology jumped the shark, I missed most of the last 2 seasons. I am back for the revival though.
  2. 24 (Fox): I could not come back to the revival, 24 is Kiefer Sutherland and Jack Bauer.
  3. American Idol (Fox): Wow, three Fox shows in a row, just a coincidence. Too much changing of judges and just got tired of it. It should stay canceled.
  4. Mad Men (AMC): Maybe the only show on the list I should go back to, just laziness on my part.
  5. Arrested Development (Fox): The last season didn’t work for me with structure and I gave up after a couple episodes, just not the same.
  6. Scrubs (NBC/ABC): Once a lot of the main cast left it just wasn’t the same show, and once JD left DJ left.
  7. Friends From College (Netflix): The fairly new Netflix Keegan-Michael Key show, it sounded promising and irreverent but it didn’t hit and I bailed.
  8. JFK: Declassified (History): Just a silly show, even The History Channel put this on hiatus after two episodes, so did I but permanently.
  9. Glee (Fox): I watched the very first episode and never went back, I am sure it’s good but it wasn’t for me.
  10. The Biggest Loser (NBC): I watched a couple seasons but it’s just depressing, tough to watch people lose weight while I eat a large bowl of ice cream.

MG: I forgot about Robert Patrick on the X-Files. I guess I must have bailed on that too – and I’m nearly bailing on the revival. You gave me the head’s up on Arrested Development, so I skipped the revived season all together. Mad Men is one of those shows I always tell myself I should watch but can’t get started.

Mike G.

When I’m on the fence with a movie, I give it the “15-minute test”, and the equivalent for TV shows is typically 1 episode. That’s not always fair, as sometimes it takes a few episodes for a show to gain its footing (Seinfeld anyone?). I actually bailed on Game Of Thrones after 1 show, deeming it too gratuitous with violence, only to go back 2 years later and binge the first 3 seasons – and fall in love with it. I have a few instances where I’ve hung on too long hoping for something better. Here’s my list:

  1. Riptide (NBC): In the 80’s I loved all Stephen J. Cannell shows….almost. Even a robot (creatively called “Roboz”) couldn’t keep me watching this.
  2. Terra Nova (Fox): Spielberg’s name and the promise of high-quality production values got me to tune in, but not for a second episode.
  3. Big Brother (CBS): The question is not why did I stop, but why did I start?
  4. Caprica (SyFy): I tried really hard to like this 2010 spin-off of Battlestar Galactica, but it moved at a glacial pace. Not sure if I bailed or SyFy pulled the series first.
  5. Penny Dreadful (Showtime): I enjoyed Eva Green’s acting and the dark vibe of season 1, but when I cut Showtime to save on the cable bill I couldn’t get back into it, even when available on Netflix. (same for Homeland and Ray Donovan).
  6. Gotham (Fox): The storylines of Batman villains in-the-making were always half-baked, but when they ruined Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin’s relationship arc in season 3, I took off like a bat out of hell.
  7. Fear The Walking Dead (AMC): I’m a Walking Dead fan, but I had to force myself through 2 seasons of this spin-off before finally giving up on it.
  8. American Horror Story (FX): The first two seasons were amazing, but the show’s been uneven since. The sordid violence caused me to tap out halfway through the “Hotel” season, but I subsequently returned to the show.
  9. Narcos (Netflix): Loved season 1, still liked season 2, but perhaps 3 is too much.
  10. The Man in The High Castle (Amazon): Loved the concept and the critical hype was strong, but the first 2 episodes left me cold. I may go back to it someday.

DJ: I suffered through Terra Nova and was happy when it was over. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure when it comes to TV, I love it and I shouldn’t. I am the same as you with Tha Man in the High Castle and I want to go back to it too. Lastly I will admit I was close to giving up on Fear the Walking Dead but it cut some dead weight and it’s somewhat watchable now. I know not a ringing endorsement.