With Solo out this week, we wanted a Star Wars-themed post. Star Wars has obviously been done to death but it’s our favorite so we are doing one. The Star Wars universe has some great characters, even the prequels, the sequels, and the “expanded universe”. We thought it would be fun to list out our favorite lesser-known Star Wars characters.


For me I went with the following criteria – characters I found funny or completely bad-ass. Here is my top 10 in no particular order.

  1. Teebo – Although an Ewok, Teebo was the first famous anything that shared my last name (although with a different spelling) until Tim Tebow came along.
  2. Kit Fisto – My favorite lesser Jedi from the prequels, his death is one of the weakest in on-screen Jedi history.
  3. Wuher – Bartender from the cantina, he doesn’t serve droids but has no issues with scum.
  4. Max Rebo – My favorite character from the Jabba’s Palace band, he looks like a blue cartoon elephant but plays a mean intergalactic piano.
  5. Jek Porkins – Fighter pilot that meets his end in New Hope. I love the fact that Lucas said, ok we got a fat guy in an X-Wing, how about we name him Porkins.
  6. Aayla Secura – Blue Twi-lek Jedi master
  7. Nien Nunb – He is Lando’s Chewbacca, their chemistry is amazing and the fact that we think Lando understands him is priceless.
  8. Asajj Ventress – She is one bad-ass two lightsaber-wielding dark Jedi from the old Expanded Universe. I would love to see her on the big screen.
  9. Admiral Motti – The only Imperial in the films to really question Vader by mocking his “sorcerer ways”. This admiral has balls.
  10. Greedo – He is a bounty hunting badass and that’s why he shot first (not really). Once Lucas dropped a child Greedo into the prequels and tinkered with New Hope he lessened this character, completely unnecessary.

MG: Nien Nunb (who I used to call Nien Numb) has the best laugh in the saga. Lucas really ruined Greedo, also by putting a female Rodian in Jabba’s corny special edition band. You completely stayed away from the last 3 films. There are some decent characters in Rogue One, but I can’t blame you for not finding any interesting secondary characters in the other two. 

Mike G.

Time to geek out. I love so many of the secondary characters of the original trilogy. Decipher, who made the SW customizable card game, did such a good job of adding details to all those characters, even ones barely seen in the background. Sorry, but I won’t be forcing any prequel or episode 7/8 characters on my list. Here’s to hoping Solo gives me at least one new worthy character that would make it on here.

  1. Lobot – Silent but deadly. I love what he conveys just with a sideways glance to Lando at the end of the carbon freezing chamber scene.
  2. Death Star Droid – It comes in silver or black.
  3. Droopy McCool – Speaking of Jabba’s band, McCool plays a jazzy clarinet-like instrument. Just don’t ask him to wear a shirt.
  4. Tonnika Sisters – I’ve been waiting 40 years for Kenner/Hasbro to make a 2-pack action figure of them. Supposedly there is some legal reason they can’t? #metwo
  5. HK-47 – I love the gallows humor of this assassin droid from Knights Of The Old Republic.
  6. Momaw Nadon – formerly known as “Hammerhead”. One of the many cool cantina denizens, and we even hear him briefly talk in a deep, guttural voice.
  7. Toryn Farr – “Stand by ion control. Fire!”. She was the best communications officer in the Alliance.
  8. Death Troopers – With the glossy, black armor and the eerie garbled talk, these guys were menacing in Rogue One.
  9. Salacious Crumb – He was perfectly annoying as the McMahon to Jabba’s Carson.
  10. Chief Bast – Tarkin dismissed his fact-based warning as fake news. I’ve always believed he had the presence of mind to grab an escape pod before the Death Star blew.

DJ: I am surprised that you couldn’t dig up something from the prequels. There is a host of cool Jedi, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, Shaak-Ti to name a few. I mean you didn’t like Nute Gunray or the owner of the diner in Clones, Dex something? I really found no appealing side characters in the newer films, mostly forgetable. Tonnika Sisters and Momaw Nadon always favorites, the cantina is filled with great ones.