So we thought we would try something new. A movie review in list form! The first one is the recent Netflix release Beckett, directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino. John David Washington stars as Beckett, a man who is vacationing in Greece with his girlfriend April, played by Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. I am not going to spoil anything, but when something goes wrong, Beckett is thrust into the middle of a vast political conspiracy. I like John David Washington, I like seeing him doing different things and also to start distancing himself from his famous father. He is why I wanted to watch this film. So here is what I think in 5 items.

  1. Chemistry – I love both the main leads. John David Washington’s career has started out great, he was excellent in BlacKkKlansman and Tenet. Alicia Vikander is also great, she was amazing in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl. But in this, they have zero chemistry, none. I can’t imagine them being in love, it wasn’t believable. Some actors have great chemistry. These two do not. The scenes they are in together were just poorly acted and stiff. Maybe a more experienced director could have done something, but their scenes are bland are frankly boring. The casting director did not do a great job.
  2. Greece – How often do you see a film shot in the mountains of Greece? Nice cinematography, cool scenes, even the shots of the city are cool. You hear a lot of the Greek language with no subtitles. It feels Greek, which was different for a mainstream film.
  3. Boyd Holbrook – This guy kills films. When I saw his name in the opening credits, I said uh oh. Luckily, he wasn’t in it much and not until later in the movie, but he wasn’t good. I love Narcos but not because of him, Pedro Pascal pulled his ass through that series. This guy needs to stick to B-Level films, find Nic Cage or Bruce Willis to do a movie with. I want to like him, I do….
  4. Pacing/Plot – The beginning of this film is incredibly slow. I felt like I was watching Beckett and April in real-time doing mundane things. They are doing tourists things and guessing the backstories of other tourists. Boring, and I almost gave up on it. I don’t mind slow, just not like this. If I didn’t have some sense from the trailer, I would have thought it was just a love story and tuned out. Once the main plot point happens, then it gets going and there is actual tension and some good action sequences. It was just a disjointed way of getting there. The plot itself is a little thin overall and mixed with Greece’s political strife a bit confusing, or I would say lacking some motives.
  5. Lights, Camera, Action – So the action sequences are good. There is gun play, knife play, hand-to-hand fighting and lots of running, driving and jumping. The music tied to the action sequences is good and tense. Washington has to fight with a cast on the whole time, so prop’s to him.

Overall, it was just ok, it felt like a foreign film in a lot of ways and maybe that’s not where my expectations were. We don’t have a ratings system yet, but for this film, I don’t see any reason to look for it.